Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you a Trekie? It could save you.

If you were ever a Trekie, you will really appreciate the following episode anecdote, but if you have never been one, it still gives a great message about not giving up. 

stock photo : Space ship landing

Certain crew members, including Spock, McCoy, and Scott, were part of a shuttle crew lost in space and trapped on a planet without communications.  Facing immediate annihilation from the inhabitants of that world, 6 survivors just worked desperately to get the shuttle airborne and back into space.  The assumption was that the mother ship, the Enterprise was long gone, and that their life expectancy would be about 2 days based upon fuel and life support before orbit decayed and they burned up in the atmosphere.  But they were as good as dead if they stayed another hour on the surface.

Shortly after they were in orbit in the upper atmosphere, Spock suddenly, apparently insanely, ejects the two remaining fuel tanks and detonates them -- leaving them all about 10 minutes to live.  McCoy who couldn't stop him just shouts, "Why Spock, why?!"  A moment later, Scott's face shines in a big smile, "Why Mr. Spock, you sent up a flare.  -- Aye, it was a good gamble."  Spock just stares forward blankly and replies, "It was illogical.  There's no one out there to see it."

The mother ship the Enterprise was running out of time to leave on an urgent mission to a colony, and the assumption that it was gone was very solid.  However, Kirk used every conceivable stall in the book until an accompanying commodore threatened to take command of the ship and probably court martial Kirk if he didn't abandon the crew members and get moving.  Still delaying till the last possible moment, he slowed their exit to a crawl as well and ordering scanning to continue even as they were pulling away from the planetary system.  Sure enough, they pick up the detonations, and beam the 6 aboard a moment before the shuttle burns up. 

When McCoy accuses Spock of a purely emotional act of desperation, Spock points out and Kirk agrees, that under the circumstances (what are two days going to do for you compared to a shot at a full future life), his action was actually the most rational course to pursue.

I know this is a stupid little story, but it has a message.  Who knows where you might be in this story.  Are you running out of air? Are there rumors of a lay off?  Are you living on unemployment?  Doing something or make a stand before you get to a serious point in your life, would be the smart move. Plan ahead, brain storm, build a business plan, just do something before you are desperate! 

Could becoming a business owner be like Captain Kirk beaming you up at the last second?  The problem is not starting a business, for it can happen quickly, but being successful usually takes time and hard work.  Becoming an entrepreneur might or might not be your answer, but until you have the facts, do your home work and do your test runs, you’ll never know.  Get started on your idea sooner than later, for later might be too late.  If you wait too long you will not get beamed up to the Enterprise, for it only can stick around so long. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Many people do not believe they have what it takes to be successful. Some don’t, but most do. One of the most important things you can do to be successful is believe in yourself.  If you don’t believe you can do it, you can’t.

Here on this link is a short story of someone who believes.  If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do not let FEAR control your life

Most of us have developed some wonderful skills throughout our lifetime that would really help us in becoming successful in running our own business. Believing in ourselves and overcoming the fear most of us experience, many times is easier said than done.  One way to overcome the fear is to NOT make a decision until you have done your home work. The statement, “Knowledge dispels fear” is true. 
Most of us are too afraid to become an entrepreneur, but if we do it the right way, it is not so intimidating. Come up with an idea, learn everything you can about the product or service and if it still makes sense, test the waters with baby steps.  Do not quit your job or put all your net worth into something without doing your homework.  Test market your idea a number of times in a number of ways, starting small and working your way up before jumping in head first.
There is a great book that teaching how to overcome fear.  It is called, "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway."  This is one of a few books every entrepreneur should read.
Fear should NOT control our lives.  Knowledge will dispel the fear.  Gain your knowledge then make a well educated decision.  If you decide to start a business after doing your homework, don’t look back.  Move forward and just make it work!   

Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you need Passion?

I once read an article which was titled, “Do what you love and starve”.  Too many times people are looking for the perfect business which will give them both “passion” and “profits”.  Usually those businesses don’t exist.  Because of this they will never find the perfect business and never become an entrepreneur.  Sometimes they think they have found one that they can be passionate about, but they end up never making any money.  Their passion can become old rather quickly if they are not making money. 

Generally if it is a business they can love, everyone wants to do it.  If everyone wants to do it, the price for the product or service is driven down and no one makes any money.

Warren Buffet said,
“Dull companies with steady earnings growth may not make for stimulating cocktail party chatter but over the long haul, they make the best investments.”
There is a reason why “dull companies” are the ones making money.  In the book, The Millionaire Next Door, the author describes how owners of the dull companies are generally the ones making the money.
In my opinion people should have a passion for being an entrepreneur, owing their own business and controlling their own destiny and NOT necessarily a passion for the product.  Personally, I would much rather be making a good income, work 40 hours a week (with a dull company) and spend time in the evenings and weekends with my family. Working 80 hours a week running a fun restaurant or bicycle shop and NOT make any money will not work for very long.
If you want to get ahead in life, it might be wise to listen to Warren Buffet.  He seems to know what he is doing.