Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of my Entrepreneur Mentors

One of the most successful Entrepreneurs in Utah for the last 40 years has been a person by the name of Alan Hall. He has started small businesses and made them large. Besides being a guest writer for Salt Lake City’s Deseret News newspaper he has been a mentor for many people both young and old. He has been a venture capitalist, is the co-founder of an investment firm and was the founder of MarketStar Corp.

In his last article in the Deseret News on February 14th 2012 he gives 12 traits for being a successful entrepreneur. Below are the 12 traits, but to learn more, read the local newspaper as he writes about each of these traits in more detail.

1. Follow your dreams.
2. Take a risk.
3. Make a sacrifice.
4. Be persistent.
5. Know your customer.
6. Sell to survive and prosper.
7. Take care of your customers.
8. Hire the right employees.
9. Value your employees.
10. Establish a winning culture.
11. Call upon mentors.
12. Communicate constantly.