Monday, April 30, 2012

Can I be an Entrepreneur?

More times than I can count I hear comments like: “I would love to own my own business but what if I fail.” “It has always been my dream to do my own thing and be the boss but how do I dare quit my job and lose my paychecks?” “I know more about this business than the owner and I should just quit and compete against him.” “I hate my job.” “I hate my boss.” “This job is taking me nowhere.” “The owner is not utilizing my skills and my talents are being wasted.” Every “want to be” entrepreneur have their own reasons why will never be a business owner. To be an entrepreneur there has to be a passionate reason to become one. If you do not have a great reason or a deep passion for being the owner, a person will just float through life doing today what they did yesterday and again tomorrow. Find me a successful business owner and I’ll show you a person who is passionate about his/her product or service. I’ll show you a risk taker who knows how to work hard, gives customer service and most importantly had a good reason for getting out of the corporate grind. Everyone has fear of the unknown, but an entrepreneur controls the fear by doing the homework needed to satisfy the unknown and then taking a calculated risk. But most importantly they never give up. Give me a successful entrepreneur and I’ll show you someone who has had a few failures, but they have learned from each. In the end, in my opinion there is nothing more enjoyable than running your own successful business knowing it is your own baby.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hope with Change!

For almost four years now we have heard of Hope & Change. From what I can see the world of entrepreneurship has been changed for the worse. Small business and small business creation is and has been struggling like never before. Financing for small business is harder than ever before. Entrepreneurs who struggle, risk everything hoping for rewards of getting rich are vilified and made to look evil.

Rich job creators are punished for being wealthy. We are told by the press and some that the wealthy are not paying enough. I have NEVER seen a poor person create one job. I have never seen one person on welfare pay 5% of their income for taxes let alone 50% of their income to the government. Some want the rich to again pay 70% like they did at one time.

If we want entrepreneurship to succeed, we need to make “Change” happen. There is nothing wrong with wanting to become rich. Those individuals are needed to make America prosper again. Those are the real job creators, not the government.

I do have “Hope with Change.”