Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kiss your Boss Goodbye!

On July 24 in the Deseret News paper in Salt Lake City Utah Alan Hall wrote an article which gave great information on how to become an entrepreneur.  The article was titled, “Kiss your boss goodbye – its time to become an entrepreneur”.

He sums up what many of us have wanted to tell our boss but was too afraid to do.  Usually we wait until we are fired or hate the job and boss so much we cannot stand it.  For many of the chicken hearted we wish we could tell the boss, “Goodbye” but we just cannot pull the trigger.  Usually fear holds us back and keeps us caged into our own little world.

To get rid of the “fear” you only need knowledge. 

Alan Hall gives a few suggestions I full agree on. 1) Keep your job until the time is right.  2) Determine your purpose, your vision, your strategy.  3) Test your assumptions.  4) Evaluate a products viability.  5) Evaluate and test a plan to sell your product and collect revenues.  6) Determine if you can make a profit.

I also suggest you start small and take baby steps as you test your market.

If you do those things most of the fear will go away.  You will always have butterflies but true fear will be eliminated.  Is it time to “Kiss your boss goodbye?” 

Start working on your plan, follow instructions and before you know it, it will be time to make your move.

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